Guide to GRiM

What GRiM is----
Like most army compositions it only works on some bases. 
Mostly for Blackguard bases however it can be useful for other base types.
Bases with cannons, flamethrowers, and machine guns up front and boom cannons snipers towers farther back are the best bases. Time control is the most important factor!


The first wave of attack, send them in first, along with the medics, to take out as many defenses as possible before deploying the riflemen to finish the base off.
They are meant to take out some of the most dangerous defenses the riflemen have to face. Also use them to clear mines so the riflemen do not take the unnecessary damage. I recommend 3-4 boats of grenadiers.
The second wave of attack to finish the base off unload timing is all important! One AoE defense cannot kill them all! High level Riflemen can take out most defenses. I recommend 3 boats of Riflemen.



Medics- Keeps the troops alive long enough to finish a base off in the last seconds!


 Unload them with the Grenadiers in case of remaining rocket or mortar. I recommend 1-2 boats of medium leveled medics.              


I personally prefer Everspark because the critters can distract key defenses buildings.

Cpt Everspark Icon


Send her out with grenadiers and medics as somewhat as a shield

Use GBE on these defenses-

5 highest 1 lowest 

Shock launcher- 5 -- These can slow you down enough that you could run out of time is the highest threat.

Rocket launcher-5 -- Take out as many of these as possible if you have to leave one standing.

Sniper tower-4 -- These can make quick work of grenadiers but enough riflemen can overrun.

Mortar-4 -- The slow firing allows it so one is no problem for the medics.

Boom Cannon-3 -- Riflemen make quick work of these but grenadiers are in their range.

Machine Gun-2 -- Enough can wipe out a lange number of riflemen if grenadiers cannot deal with it.

Flamethrower-2 -- Can flare around out of its range if needed.

Cannon-1 -- Grenadiers outrange and riflemen can overpower.


Shock these if necesssary or if it is possible to overrun it with riflemen deploy them a bit earlier.

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