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Universal Remote
"Hacks the nearest defensive building and turns it against other defenses for a duration. Once the hacking effect expires, the building is stunned for a time. Cannot capture prototype weapons."


  • Universal Remote is a Hero Ability that can be used by Cpt. Everspark in attacks.
  • When the ability is used, the hero will approach a nearby defensive building (not a Prototype Defense, MMG 9000, or Super Mortar 3000) and take control of it.
    • The defense glows green when under the Universal Remote's control. It will begin firing at enemy defensive buildings and enemy defensive buildings will begin targeting it.
    • While a defensive building is controlled by the Universal Remote, a damage bonus will be applied to the defensive building, meaning that it will do more damage under the influence of the Universal Remote than it would normally do.
    • After the hero loses control of it again, the defense will be stunned for a short time before it begins firing at your troops again.
  • Each use costs 7 more Energy than the previous one, with a starting cost of 8 Energy.

Offensive Strategy

  • You can use the ability on a high-damage defense like the Boom Cannon so that it destroys other buildings quickly, and for the duration of the hack, your troops will be safe from that defense.
  • A defense that is hacked by the ability can serve as an additional distraction for enemy defenses, and are similar to Critters in this respect. While the hacked defense numbers only one, it is likely that the defense has much higher health than the Critters do and can last much longer against area defenses like the Machine Gun or Flamethrower.
  • This ability can be especially useful on long-range defenses like the Rocket Launcher that are not near other key defenses since it will be able to target and destroy them without being taken out too quickly.
  • Try to use this ability on Shock Launchers. They can potentially be used to disable many enemy defenses and protect your troops.
  • The ability can be very useful on higher-level Operations. As the building health is normally much higher than the defensive building damage, this means that a hacked defense will last decently long even if targeted by high-damage defenses like the Boom Cannon for a prolonged period of time.
  • Care should be taken that targeted defenses will be destroyed or that troops will move out of its range after the stun wears off. Troops do not target defenses affected by this ability and having it fire on them from behind when they are deep inside the base can prove troublesome.


Capture Duration
Stun Duration
15.0s 4.0s
Damage Bonus
Upgrade Cost
Icon resource scrap
Upgrade Time
Instant (Time Only)
Hero Level Required
1 100% N/A N/A N/A 3
2 125% 8 8h 119 6
3 150% 16 16h 202 9
4 175% 32 1d 8h 339 11
5 200% 64 2d 16h 572 13
Number of Shots Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 8 8
2 15 23
3 22 45
4 29 74
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