• 1°) Shocker : New unit that enable to shot a shock bullet. Similar to shock launcher but with the same range as Zooka and same shock effect area as shock mine. The unit size will be 7.

    2°) Shaman : Invoke the power of his God to launch a lightning bolt to his enemy. This unit will shot as lazor beam (except its a lightning). The unit size will be 9.

    3°) Spider Mammoth : New heavy unit that reflects 50% of shots to its nearest unit. The unit size will be 24. This big unit will be the big brother of tank with advantage (heavy unit) and disadvantage (kill your units).

    4°) Hammerman : Exhausted to see his troops defeated. He go himself to the beach to put down your HQ. On board of his Super Scorcher (stats x5 and size x2), you will need to be prepare to face Boss Unit!

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    • Troop 1: Good.

      Troop 2: I like it!

      Troop 3: Kind of dumb. Creative though.

      Troop 4: Are you kidding me, no.

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    • Troop 1: I had the exact same idea:)

      Troop 2: The idea is good, but i think it fits better with Clash of Clans

      Troop 3: What he said

      Troop 4: What he said also

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    • Thank for your responses ^_^.

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    • Sniper- long range (like grenader but more accurate) high damage but low health to blance out the range/damage anything with a range larger then a boom cannon should be able to hit it Should be in a ghille suit mabey or look camouflaged

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    • A FANDOM user
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