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    All is well.. let us have fun :)
    11:12, June 29, 2015

    Mind telling me why you chose to upload a new picture of Cutter?

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    • Was because of the new defense update. Nothing else.. ! i thought the update changed the look. 

      Please rollback if you consider it an offense. 

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    • It is fine for the looks of Defences to be wildly outdated, as long as the Defences are still in the same position. Don't do that again Thak :)

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    • Ok Ice :)

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    • Also, why did you put an image of Green Thumb II on a Green Thumb entry?

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    • oops.. i'm sorry...i was trying to update Green thumb to.. accident.. carelessness.. i guess you just roll it back. 

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    • sorry... it is a messy day!.. Sorry for all the trouble... Thanks for having my back.. 

      i'm logging off... GN.. cyl

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    • There is no problem with updating the image for a base that has outdated defense appearances. It is an improvement and any improvement should be welcome. We just do not need to go out of our way to update every single outdated base image after every update.

      An outdated image is fine, but an updated one is welcome.

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    • I know. If we did, we would literally need over 150 new pictures every update.

      Won't that speed up badge progress!

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    • Ice, justifying myself.  I was not badge hunting...  it was not my intention.. I just updated pic because i had them on my map. I know i probably in in the suspicion radar for badge hunting because i end up making multiple edits. I am a bit clumsy and careless (like missing punctuations, you saw "right" and "left" mixup) and that is why i end up making multiple edits.. i do that even in the fun and games board if you have noticed...  i have no way of proving my innocence but i am only trying to help out here.....  

      Objective II with new defense

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    • I don't think it is necessary to overwrite the old pics if the layout hasn't changed, but sometimes it might help - people tend to underestimate the looks of old Cannons and MGs.

      For both, level 11 looked the same as a level 20 pre-update, however since levels of defenses aren't highlighted it is impossible to determine from the picture itself as all defenses' max level appearences are the same as those for another few levels (e.g. Mortar has it's last upgrade diff at level 16 so level 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 share the same look).

      If a level 20 Machine Gun is assumed to be a 11, and the same goes for a Cannon, players might underestimate it's power and devise strategies that be like "use one Arty on the Cannon on the left to destroy it", which makes things don't go as planned.

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    • I think we should stop this discussion going much further. I think Ice suspected me of badge hunting.. rightfully so as my editing ends up having errors though i try the preview most times before confirming and end up re-editing and adding pictures to once already there. I assure you though badges look good and ranking is nice to have, I wasn't and i'm aware of editing rule not to chase badges.

      Only one i am chasing is the 365 days badge trying to alive on the fun and games board ;) and i thought having a newer pic made it look updated. 

      Will try to be more careful in future! All is well I hope:)

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