• Since the new up date I haven't seen ANY player that has built a new weapon, they have built the weapons lab. I have attacked about 7 player bases and they show the fuses, gears, rods. and capacitors you "might" get, still nothing. The top players in the world haven't buildt a weapon yet. What's going on?

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    • Weapon lab is quite expensive. i have heard complaints that many top 50 players are kind of dormant.. don't know how true  the statement is though. 

      The probability of weapon parts is not known yet... May be you have a better chance with people who have already built one... Think with this event.. now people have started building it up

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    • I have 5 parts now, 3 are the same kind, the kind used for the shock blaster I. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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