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    • Thanks Man...

      Sorry was not really around here for a while. I'll try to be active more... Made a  page for myself today yippeee :) 

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    • where can i find the template for blackguard bases? i have been screenshoting a few. will upload if i find anyhting not posted already. And do we upload multiple pictures of a base.. as in if i found a level 32 of which level 30 is already uploaded... :)

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    • The template is this template: Template:BaseII

      Oh, and you don't need to upload multiple pics of the same base, the general layout is the same every time, just the defense levels are altered.

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    • @Magmahound: awesome. I can help over changing template over the weekend if needed.  I was changing picture on force majeure(because it had defence range highlighted) and notice it was not in new template yet. So i have done just Force Majeure to new template. Hopefully it is ok to do just one in the middle. 

      It is just that some bases are more beautiful on Ice.. :P

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    • Haha, I guess they are... but nobody really minds anyways.

      Anyways, the only bases left to put on the BaseII template are (I think) F and H.

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    • A FANDOM user
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