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    The Blackguard Bases pages contain images, strategies, and other info about NPC Blackguard Bases. These pages are very incomplete at the moment, however. We need you to screenshot each Blackguard Base that you find and create a section on the appropriate Bases page for it. This is a big job, so we need the help of everyone willing. You can now even earn wiki achievements for helping out on these pages. Happy editing!

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    • Ight ill try

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    • Err...?

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    • Is there something you need help with? Instructions for adding a base can be found on the Blackguard Base page. Forgot to mention that.

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    • I have 2 accounts, 1 is level 51 and another is around 32 i think, so i can help from then onwards, ill do what i can for you guys :)

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    • where should we post the images?

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    • The instructions are on this page..

      Instructions for Adding Bases

      • Upload your screenshot of the base to this wiki by going to Special:Upload.
        • Please name your images of Blackguard Bases like this: [Base XP level][Base Name].png
          For example, a suitable image name would be: 45MortarPit.png
      • Then, post the template shown below in Source Mode on the correct Blackguard Base subpage in alphabetical order. Then, enter the information for the base.
        • For each building parameter, enter a number only. For example, if there are four mortars, you would simply enter "4" in the "mortars" parameter.
        • Do not count the Headquarters when totaling up the number of non-defensive buildings for adding the "nondefensivebuildings" parameter.
        • If there are none of a certain building on the base, omit that parameter.
        • Remember to add links to the recommended army compositions and walkthroughs only.
        • The "recommendedcomposition2", "walkthrough2", "recommendedcomposition3", etc. parameters allow the addition of alternate strategies. They are not required, so they can be omitted from the template mark-up.
      • If you do not know how or do not want to add your images to the pages, see this thread to share them.
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