• Here is the all 72 Loading Screen Hints(at Aug. 1st, 2014)

    Every hint is limited on TownHall's level. The numbers in the parenthesis means TownHall's level.   '(2-20)' means it will be shown on level 2 to 20 TownHall's player screen.

    (1-1)Welcome to Boom Beach!
    (2-20)You need gold to train troops, to explore the archipelago and for Armory upgrades.
    (2-20)Wood, Stone and Iron are valuable building materials. Conquer resource bases and destroy enemies to get more!
    (2-20)Resource bases produce building materials which are transported by cargo ships to your home island.
    (2-20)Explore the archipelago to discover more islands, resource bases and enemies to destroy! You can unlock more regions for exploration by upgrading your Radar.
    (2-20)Residences on your island produce gold. Freed villages also send you gold as thanks!
    (2-20)Earn Victory Points by destroying enemies and taking over resource bases!
    (2-20)You will earn Diamonds when your defenses in your home base destroy enough enemy units!
    (5-20)Each statue is a work of art, and its powers are impossible to predict in advance.
    (5-20)Power Stones stolen by the Blackguard are kept in their base buildings. Destroy enemy buildings to find them!
    (3-20)Every time a resource base is conquered, its defenses get automatically upgraded.
    (3-20)You can't upgrade the buildings in a resource base.
    (2-20)Support your troops to minimize casualties!
    (2-20)If a fight looks unwinnable, retreat to save your remaining troops!
    (2-20)Destroy the enemy Headquarters to win a battle!
    (2-20)Destroying enemy base buildings damages the enemy Headquarters, making it easier to finish off.
    (2-20)Each landing craft can only hold one troop type at a time.
    (2-20)When you change to a different troop type in a landing craft, the cost of the current troops will be refunded.
    (2-20)The Vault keeps some of your resources safe, even if an enemy manages to destroy your Headquarters.
    (2-20)Upgrade the Vault to keep more of your resources untouchable by enemies!
    (2-20)To find new bases to attack, you can either explore more of the map or wait for enemy invasions.
    (2-20)The more free villages you have on your map, the more often you'll get enemy invasions on them.
    (2-20)You can freely move defensive and production buildings on resource bases.
    (2-20)Destroying a Boss enemy's base will give you lots of resources and Power Stones!
    (2-20)Riflemen are a cost-effective all-around unit.
    (2-20)Use Riflemen to overwhelm Cannons, whose slow rate of fire can't keep up with the swarming Rifles.
    (2-20)The Heavy can soak up lots of damage. Make sure he's closest to turrets so that they target him.
    (5-20)Zookas can deal out massive damage, but they're very vulnerable to enemy fire.
    (5-20)Don't send Zookas into battle alone! Make sure they're safely behind Heavies.
    (8-20)The Warriors' speed allows them to run through light defenses and destroy key targets behind them.
    (11-20)The Tank is powerful and versatile, but vulnerable to Cannon fire. Try using Heavies or Riflemen to support it.
    (2-20)The Sniper in the Sniper Tower is accurate and deadly, but his slow rate of fire means the tower can be swarmed.
    (4-20)The Machine Gun sprays bullets everywhere, making it good against large numbers but somewhat unpredictable.
    (3-20)Place Mortars behind your other defenses and buildings.
    (3-20)A crowd of enemies shooting at one of your buildings is a perfect target for the Mortar!
    (9-20)Flamethrowers are perfect for stopping massed enemy infantry charges.
    (9-20)Flamethrowers set enemies on fire. They burn for 5 seconds, causing additional damage.
    (6-20)Cannons deal massive damage, especially to Tanks.
    (6-20)Cannons' low firing speed means that they're ineffective against groups of infantry.
    (13-20)The Rocket Launcher has an extremely long range. Make sure it gets to fire as many salvos as possible!
    (12-20)The Boom Cannon is deadly against Tanks. Protect it from enemy infantry with MGs and Flamethrowers!
    (2-20)Upgrade your Residences to increase Gold production!
    (2-20)Upgrade your Sawmill to increase Wood production!
    (7-20)Upgrade your Quarry to increase Stone production!
    (10-20)Upgrade your Iron Mine to increase Iron production!
    (2-20)Check out Enemy Activity in the Map screen to find and watch Replays of enemy attacks!
    (2-20)Complete Achievements to get Diamond rewards!
    (2-20)Use Gunboat Artillery to damage or destroy enemy buildings.
    (2-20)If enemy buildings are clumped tightly together, one Artillery hit in the middle can damage or destroy multiple structures!
    (3-20)The Flare can be used to direct your troops on the battlefield.
    (3-20)All troops will move towards the Flare while it burns, or attack a building marked by it!
    (4-20)Heal your troops on the battlefield with the Medkit.
    (4-20)Your troops inside the Medkit's area of effect will recover health.
    (7-20)The Shock Bomb freezes anything it hits for a short time. Use it to disable key defensive buildings.
    (7-20)If the Shock Bomb hits your own troops, they will be stunned as well!
    (10-20)The Gunboat Barrage fires a number of shells at a target area in a quick succession, causing major damage.
    (10-20)Be careful when firing Gunboat Artillery or Barrage, as the exploding shells can hurt your own troops!
    (2-20)Upgrade your Troops, Mines and Gunboat weapons in the Armory.
    (2-20)Defensive turrets are disabled while you're upgrading them.
    (2-20)The Residences, Sawmill, Quarry and Iron Mine don't produce resources while you're upgrading them.
    (2-20)The Armory can't start new troop or weapon upgrades while it's under construction.
    (2-20)Resource storages, the vault, gunboat and your HQ function normally while being upgraded.
    (2-20)You can still launch a Landing Craft while it's being upgraded, but you can't load new troops in it.
    (2-20)You can use your Gunboat normally even while it's being upgraded.
    (2-20)Don't forget to use your Gunboat's weapons and support abilities during combat. They can turn the tide!
    (2-20)A green arrow sign next to a building tells you when you can afford to upgrade it.
    (2-20)There is a small chance that destroying a Blackguard base gives you an extra Victory Point!
    (3-20)You can harvest trees that grow on your resource bases.
    (2-20)Resource boats have a maximum capacity, and can't collect more resources when full.
    (2-20)The amount of resources you can capture from a player base won't change while it's on your map.
    (2-5)Save your game! Log into Game Center and your base is safe even if you lose your device.
    (2-20)Save your game! Log into Google+ and your base is safe even if you lose your device.

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    • Where's the one about a seashell on your beach??

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    • Ya what about the seashell?

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    • Note the post being in August 2014, clearly those hints were not there yet as they were most likely added in a 2015 update.

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    • If you put your ear right next to your speaker when you see a seashell on the beach, click on the seashell and you can hear dr t talking about rebuilding the mega crab and destroying the archipelago again... It sounds like he's talking to someone! Maybe hammerman!

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