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    I have gone with a balanced statue approach, lvl 5, 7 MP with a blend across life, ice, magma, and dark. I have grown completely board with a passive approach to prevent raiding so I can upgrade. I play with my kids and they are growing board as well, the fun is in attacking but how can I upgrade if I cannot protect my base?

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    • Stop attacking for a little while. As you are getting more and more bases on your map, swap out the harder bases once per day, and keep the easier ones (for your level). Once you have a bunch of easy bases, after maybe a few days or a week, boost your RR statues and hit Dr T or IG, then your selection of player bases until you can gather enough resources in a sitting, that you can upgrade whatever you need. Make sure to do it at the same time as an event that gives a nice bit of loot, to really get your powders worth. :)

      I would scrap the green and blue statues. The greens don't help your resources enough, because as you say, you get raided before you can accumulate enough to upgrade something worthwhile. And the blue statues. Well, you get raided anyway, no matter how many blue statues you get.

      I focus entirely on red and purple statues, favouring GBE and TD.

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