• Hey everyone - I just started a new task force named Savage Icons (tag #9LLJG98P) and I'm looking for people to join and help me build up the TF as a Co-Leader or Officer. 

    Right now anyone is welcome to join regardless of VP/level. That said, I'd love to have a couple experienced players get in on the ground floor and help shape the future of this task force, and I'm more than happy to auto-promote experienced players to Officer and/or Co-Leader.

    If you join with 300+ VP, I will automatically promote you to Officer

    If you join with 500+ VP, I'll automatically promote you to Co-Leader.

    TF 2

    We're a group of 4 so far in a 10 person TF, and we're all laid back, active and excited to build a strong TF and climb the leaderboard. I'm open to increasing the size of the TF once we get more members, but this is a conversation I'll have with whoever my co-leaders are when the time comes.

    I hope to see you all join, and make sure you reference this post if you join so I'll know to promote you!



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