• I am BoomBeach player, currently playing at level 58. I very often desire the availability of selective flare to more only one troops type to a specific position while let the others continue without any change in their position. My suggestion for this feature goes behind;

    In the game play during attack, we have details of available troops showing as per participating landing crafts. We can click on any of these cells and this will unselect any of the Gunboat Powers if being used or already selected. My suggestion is that if we select Flare among Gunbaot Powers to be used then automatically troops cells should turn to a multi-select cells format. By default, all the troops should be selected, and there should also appear a checkbox to select all troops.

    Also, I suggest rather than selecting each Landing Craft (LC) for this feature, there should be selection as per troops type being used by the attacker. If player selects to choose Tanks for the flare, then all the tanks should be selected whether these are loaded on all LCs or only at one LC. 

    I think this will not make the game play very much easier or much difficult. This will only be helpful to make the attacks more strategic, and I think thats the main attraction and a policy of BoomBeach. To avoid confusions and entertain the players who do not want to use this feature, SuperCell should think of adding enable/disable option for multi-select flare in game settings.

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