• I saw you live on the East Coast and then saw you are a Navy EM and I wondered where you are stationed. I am guessing either Groton, CT or Newport News, VA. My second to last job I was an environmental consultant and worked quite a few jobs at the New London/Groton Sub Base, reporting to the ROICC. When I worked at Millstone Nuclear Power Station as a Health Physics (HP) specialist many of the HP techs, Maintenance, Instrument & Controls, and Plant Operators were all ex-Navy.

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    • I am technically a Future Sailor until April of next year. I base my occupation on the wiki on what my contract has laid out. It still considers me a part of NF but my rate has not been determined yet, at least to my knowledge. It's actually been quite mind boggling not knowing if I'll hit MM or EM (ET won't be a concern as much as MM).

      I do hope to be stationed on the west coast when not on deployment during my career, but as of right now, my residence is still on the East Coast.

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    • Post Navy life I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing as of this moment. I do wish I can continue working in a field that I have considerable knowledge in. Although, transitioning back into civilian life I heard is one of the hardest things about being a veteran, so wherever the Navy needs me, I'll go.

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    • Well, good luck and keep in mind what I said about nuke plants. Even though there are no new ones, the ones still commissioned need to replace their maintenance and electrical staff as people retire. And if it is still the same, it is pretty much "Oh, nuclear Navy? You're hired. When can you start." A coolant pump, feedwater pump, safety valve, etc. all basically function the same regardless of size. However, the bouts of overtime during outages can be physically draining although many appreciate the big bucks that can be made.

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