aka Adam Hvězda (call me Salat)

  • I live in Czech Republic
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is Dont have any - Programmer, Unpopular game maker, Game addict in general
  • I am Guess what, male

Welcome! Im busy exploring space and eating salads, dont spam here please. 

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  • Hey guys, finnaly back after a really long time, well, im living alone again - but I can most probably get back to the riflemans story, wrote a whole script over the year

    Happy christmas everyone!

    ,,Suicide is never going to save you."

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  • I like how you've done entries 17-19, but it looks like you're stuck on entry 20. You talked about some device Jimmy was messing with and how he talked about all this sci fi crap. I have some ideas:

    Maybe the device is used to track important people and sends the location to the Blackguard. It would be interesting to see Jimmy send the location of Rifleman's Resource base. Once the Blackguard destroy the base, they find Rifleman, Jack and Dave leaving on a landing craft but the Blackguard gunboat chases them. Dave and Jack then decide to sacrifice Rifleman to save them from getting killed, the Blackguard pick up Rifleman and Hammerman decides to use him as a double agent to kill Dave, Jack & the 3 rebel leaders. I reckon Hammerman shouldn't kill Rifleman since after all he does get paid for killing Jack and Dave. Maybe not commander too since Hammerman would tell him "Rifleman is now my double agent" or something like that.

    Names for some characters would be nice too, like those rebel leaders that joined Rifleman's alliance. Rifleman could be Randy like in Magma's Rifleman & Cryoneer story or it could be Andrei from my story, for all I know he could be both. Dmitri could have his name change to Ray or Roy both in Magma's Rifleman & Cryoneer story, he could be Jack or Dave in your story. Characters could walk down any path (if Magma chooses to do so)

    General Zhao should play a big role in the story, he could be one of the three rebel leaders since Hammerman mentions him after beating his XP level 30 base. Zhao is also a Chinese so he could make a perfect dude ho left the Blackguard to stand against them and apparently self-sacrifice himself like he did in Ice's story. I know it's hard to believe (especially concerning the fact that we don't know what he looks like) but Captain Ruddero is very important, he could have a backstory with Magma or your story. Maybe he is a dude who works for General Zhao who went AWOL.

    Real life stuff now! Donald Trump is obviously a good guy, Kim Jong Eun is obviously a bad guy but Putin remains as a wildcard. He could be for the Blackguard or against it, I'd consider him a bad guy since he did attack Ukraine and is readying up for invasions against Poland, Romania and the Baltic States. He could be a good guy and kick the Blackguard out of the Aleutian Islands and possibly Russia's east coast (if the Mainland isn't in North Korea).

    I'm sorry if you have trouble with your story, it's why I came to help with some ideas! :D

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    • Thanks, had a real trouble with entry twenty you had gave me really good ideas, so thanks, hey and did you read that GTA V? Still not done but I think I did a good start.

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  • So because today is veterans day, I thought I would start making a story about a Red Army infantryman fighting the Nazis in World War 2. He fights his way from his homeland in Stalingrad to the heart of the Reich in Berlin, then he becomes a war hero for helping take down the Nazis. I could have done a story about a US Army Ranger storming France or the Philipines, but I thought I would do one about the Red Army after going to a Red Army cemetary in Budapest, Hungary. This might have a few ties to Boom Beach as well :)

    My question is: May I cross my new story with yours? I feel like your Diary of a Rifleman will make more sense with some information about what what happened in the past and how the Blackguard came to be. I will throw in some metaphors and similes describing what the battlefields were like, along with the name of the characters. Maybe this Rifleman in your story was a teenage Red Army soldier who fled the USSR and came to the United States and Canada because the USSR had a broken economy. Maybe some others might have fled with him, who knows?

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