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  • Hello Mike, I have read your new blog over a few times and enjoy the concepts you have brought out. Still, I would like to run through the entire blog and give some constructive feedback where it may be needed.

    Headers: They seem a bit too elongated for their purpose such as Magma and Dark Statues explanation, what they are used for and how they help your troops and your battling abilities. The explanation is there, but it has already been referenced by the introduction, so the header could read Magma and Dark Statues and have sub-headers within that segment of the blog that relate to their corresponding paragraph. This will also cut back on the space taken up by the Contents section at the top of the blog and make it fit more nicely inside the finished product. Other suggestions for header changes may be: Upgrade Focuses and Statue Quantities (or statistics if you would like to expand on that section and separate each explanation by a leading question for each). Lastly, the name of the title is displayed above the blog itself with your credentials, so including it within the blog as a header is somewhat unnecessary.

    The pictures you used were great as is the quotation underneath them.

    The Introduction: There are some, just a few, instances inside the introduction that editing would suit the blog well.

    • "I will be explaining about the use of...": "about" may be eliminated.
    • The last sentence is a run on. It can be cut into two pieces from the "but".
    • When you say "To all offensive players..." there is an opportunity to expand on the blog - to include all types of offensively sided players from hardcore berserkers to offensively leaning generalists.

    Magma and Dark Statues...: I do agree with the statement that Troop Health enhancements are essential for low health troops such as Riflemen and Zookas, but they were designed for the troops that they would effect the most like Heavies and Tanks (and Grenadiers, Medics, and Riflemen) to a lesser extent. For example, where a 30% increase in health may only add 40 hitpoints to a zooka, the same effect may add 600 hitpoints to a Heavy. This effect may only aid the zooka from maybe surviving a mine hit or a few extra machine gun bullets where the heavy can get impacted once more from a cannon and keep on trudging along. What you have information wise is good for the blog, but including the main beneficiaries of troop health would make it more sound. What you have regarding troop damage is great.

    On the dark statues piece, it would be beneficial to include links to the pages you reference such as the Power Stone article. King Dragonhoff's guide to links can be found Here. Also, for ease of reading, separating the Dark Statue paragraph into a bulleted list that defines each statue type may be useful.

    "What buildings you should only...": There are a few more run on sentences in here, including As the armory requires...troop strategies and gunboat abilities. and The gunboat upgrades are...that are within range. The emphasis you include on key parts of each building was spot on (including the "must have"). There are a few buildings that seem to be left out, however, including the Sculptor, Vault, and Headquarters.

    How many Magma and Dark...: The information here I had some trouble with. You say that "depending on your favourite troop strategy..." the basis of one's statues should be a set figure, consisting of two magma statues and the rest as dark. But depending on one's strategy, how much VP he has, and the current level of his offense may stunt the player from easing into offensive gameplay. For example, Tank based armies require loads of GBE to kill bases as they have exceptional Health and more than decent Damage (especially at higher levels). But for Hooka armies Troop Health is very important to keeping the meat shield up so zookas may destroy the base. For warrior users, Troop Health is neglected for damage, which may be 2-3 statues for that one stat. GBE, is necessary for defeating bases but in bulk along with PSC statues is a waste of room (unless one is fine with boosting to kill bases).

    For improvement, it would be better to explain the "depending" piece in this section's introduction by piecing it into select troop combinations. (If you would prefer that I take on this piece of the blog on my own time, I will do so and a link to it may be included in your blog)

    The final paragraphs under this header deserve their own section, perhaps entitled "Tips and Tricks". When it comes to the final paragraph regarding player saving, there is a term for this: map stacking or "stacking the map" (coined by Bentimm1). The action is to wait several days without attacking anyone, being sure to scout them before hand to see what they have, and switching them out for better bearing opponents. When the time is right, we boost what is necessary to our composition and clear the map that way, already knowing that everyone we have is a good hit.

    Again, I am sorry if I came across as too critical in my review. But for reference I am doing the exact thing that your blog explains but I have no PSC anymore, 3 RR statues, 2 GBE statues, 4 Magma, and 130 PP. Priority upgrades are being done constantly. (If I had enough diamonds I would bypass the timers in the armory and continue with the raiding, but for now I am just an offensively based turtle.)

    Final thoughts: If I may suggest, I would like to see another blog detailing the layers of offensive gameplay, from offensive leaning generalists to pure berserkers, including:

    • Those who solely upgrade nothing but offense leaving everything down to even Production buildings neglected. (Klaatu)
    • Those who are pure berserking but may have some production, and defenses are only made to get them on the base, leaving them all at low level.
    • Those who are strict berserkers but may upgrade only key defenses such as Rocket Launchers, Shock Launchers, and Boom Cannons. The presence of other defenses is negligible. (Hiigara)
    • Those who are active offensive players that may have underleveled defenses, decent priority defenses, and statues that reflect an offensive attitude, but one may be for a resource production (gold).
    • Those who are casual offensive players that may have decent defenses and a statue layout that reflects the appropriate attitude, but one Ice statue may be present to earn intel while he is offline.
    • Those who are only offensively leaning. Defenses are at a generalist's attitude, but offense is still at good level for his experience. His attitude may be more suited as a maxer inside of the armory.
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    • Also, if you are interested, I am still looking for feedback on the proposed Mercenary article for the wiki, Located Here

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    • Thanks for the feedback, I am already making these changes now and hopefully, the re-dos on the blog will be put up soon. I don't mind if you've come critical about your review, what you suggest for me to change, I will do those changes almost immediately (depending on if I have a lot of free-time as this took me a long while to create this) and I'll try my best to relate those changes to your feedback (Note that I can't make this 100% perfect, but for any changes for me to do, I'll do my best to do those changes). 
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