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  • hi how did u got diamounds for FREEEEEEEEEEEE ? :D 2K ? OR/OR/OR/OR/ 2000 :D ?

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  • Hi, welcome to Boom Beach Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Boom beach 2000 diamond monthly giveaway 1!!!! page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • I would actually work on getting your HQ and vault upgraded. That will help save you from attackers more than even your defenses, because if you don't have any loot available they won't bother attacking (and even if they want medals, that's good too, because you won't lose anything valuable).

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    • hi here is my base have a question guys how to defeat this guy and get good loots even if attcking him need warriors and shock bombs tell ur stategy to defeat this guy any way thanks :D and how to defeat hammerman  hq lvl 20 ? i rly need a good stategy i have landing crafts spaces one 10 other 8 again 8 last 7 ( soon 8 ) 

      i have heavy lvl 3

      rlife men lvl 2 zookas lvl 2

      medkit lvl 2 flare lvl 2

      arlitily lvl 3 and mines lvl 3

      + 24 gun boat energy ( no shock bomb yet)

      pls tell me how i need to defeat him cuz i rly need dr teror for saturdays :D? 

      also i guess i can unlock shock bombs tommorow

      P.S: really thanks u always answer my questions im kinda newplayer thx for helping :D

      ( i play any game like this online and war modern war like world of tanks world of warships alpha test world of wraplanes warthunder infact freee games with warmachines tanks ( my favourite ) warplanes and warships :D )

      P.P.S: (i pay for anything in real life but never for games i know they most earn some thing to pay thier bills but not that way they can just add a part to game that if we like tath game pay and support the company of that game if we want they give us game :D )

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