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  • The Lazortron is a Prototroop that fires a laser beam, similar to that of the Lazor Beam, as its method of attack. It has a very long range, and its laser beam can hit additional targets behind its initial target.
  • The blueprints for the Lazortron can be purchased from the Trader as part of an additional offer after the Armory is upgraded to at least level 14. These blueprints allow usage of the Lazortron for 1 day.
  • The level of the Lazortron depends on the Armory level. It is always upgraded to the maximum level allowed by the Armory, so for instance, a player with a level 22 Armory will always have a level 5 Lazortron, without having to upgrade it from previous levels.
  • A Lazortron costs 18 Gunboat Energy to deploy.

Visual Appearance

  • The Lazortron appears similar to a Tank, except having a red projection dish in place of a cannon, as well as having a yellow power box behind it. In battle, it appears as blue with a white hatch, unlike the regular Tank which appears as green.

Offensive Strategy

  • The Lazortron is similar to Grenadiers with respect to its range. You can use it to outrange certain defenses such as the Cannon and Flamethrower.

Defensive Strategy

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