Ice Shields
"Gives troops around the hero temporary shields that absorb damage until destroyed. Excess damage from the hit that destroys the shield is negated."


  • Ice Shields is a Hero Ability that Dr. Kavan can use during attacks.
  • When used, Dr. Kavan creates ice shields on every nearby troop, as well as Critters and himself. These shields have low hitpoints but negate excess damage.
  • The health of the shields deplete over time.

Offensive Strategy

  • You can use the Ice Shields to have your troops survive an attack from a high damage defense such as the Boom Cannon or Doom Cannon, without being destroyed or taking serious damage.
  • Using the Ice Shields ability can protect Zookas from being destroyed by Mortars or Sniper Towers.
  • The ability is ineffective against defenses that deal continuous damage such as the Flamethrower since the low damage per hit means that the Ice Shields only serve as extra hitpoints; they negate little damage.


Area of Effect Radius
Trigger Radius
10 Tiles
Shield Duration
Shield Hitpoints
Upgrade Cost
Icon resource scrap
Upgrade Time
Instant (Time Only)
Hero Level Required
1 8.0s 140 N/A N/A N/A 2
2 8.5s 220 8 8h 119 5
3 9.0s 300 16 16h 202 8
4 9.5s 380 32 1d 8h 339 12
5 10.0s 460 64 2d 16h 572 16
Number of Shots
Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 6 6
2 14 20
3 22 42
4 30 72

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