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Explosive Charges
"Throws a timed explosive that deals heavy damage at nearest defensive building."


  • Explosive Charges is a Hero Ability that can be used by Cpt. Everspark in attacks.
  • When the ability used, the hero throws a bomb at a nearby defensive building that explodes and deals very heavy damage to it.
  • Each use costs 4 more Energy than the previous one, with a starting cost of 6 Energy.

Offensive Strategy

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  • Try to use this ability when the hero is near key defenses, such as Boom Cannons and Shock Launchers, that pose a significant risk to your troops so that they can be taken out quickly.


Upgrade Cost
Icon resource scrap
Upgrade Time
Instant (Time Only)
Hero Level Required
1 4,800 N/A N/A N/A 2
2 6,800 8 8h 119 5
3 8,800 16 16h 202 8
4 10,800 32 1d 8h 339 10
5 12,800 64 2d 16h 572 12
Number of Shots Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 6 6
2 10 16
3 14 30
4 18 48
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