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  • The Critter Cannon is a Prototype that fires critters at buildings from a long range. The Critter Cannon shoots 3 times before stopping to reload.
  • The blueprints for the Critter Cannon can bought from the Trader. The blueprints allow you to use the Critter Cannon for 1 day per times bought.
  • A Critter Cannon costs 12 Gunboat Energy to deploy.

Visual Appearance

  • The Critter Cannon looks like a tank, except for the barrel that has been replaced with a clear glass tube with a critter sticking out of it. There is hazard tape between the tube and the barrel.

Offensive Strategy

  • Unlike the Rain Maker, the Critter Cannon cannot outrange Boom Cannons. However, the Critters can distract the Boom Cannon if it can target a building near it.
  • The only defenses able to hit the are the Rocket Launcher and Shock Launcher. Boom Cannons do not have a blind spot, meaning they are easily distracted. Medics or Dr. Kavan can be helpful to heal off the damage.
  • Because timing is crucial, it is best to destroy or shock Shock Launchers with the Gunboat.
  • It is best to let the Critter Cannons target buildings that are not in range of Flamethrowers or Machine Guns as an excessive build-up of Critters can be hard to stop.
  • Smoking the Critters when they are at Flamethrowers can make them overwhelmed, as they get surrounded. Be wary, as they don't distract the defenses and may cause the Critter Cannons to be targeted.
  • Because the Critter Cannon is slow and they need to progress through a base, time can easily run out.
  • Shocking defenses can be helpful is allowing a build-up of Critters, but be wary that you do not shock your Critters.
  • The Critters will always get chip damage on every defense, which is slow but sure progress.
  • More Critter Cannons are better so that they can rapid fire and endlessly distract defenses.
  • Critters can tank against deadly defenses for troops or for offense while other troops tank.

Defensive Strategy

  • Prototypes are helpful as most of them can target and have high enough damage to destroy it.
  • Take care to place Boom Mines away from buildings so Critters can't walk over it and activate it.
  • Shock Launchers can delay the already slow Critter Cannons and cause time to run out.
  • Placing buildings as lures can cause Critter Cannons to fire and turn in 1 direction and allow Boom Cannons to start to target them.
  • Having high level Flamethrowers and Machine Guns can be helpful in destroying lots of Critters quickly.
  • Mines can massly take out Critters.

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