Cpt Everspark
"Some people just love gadgets. Cpt. Everspark takes after her mom, who has had a long career in weapons development."


  • Cpt. Everspark is a Hero who supports your troops in battle using her abilities.
  • To unlock her, the player must free her by defeating Colonel Gearheart's level 45 War Factory.
  • To unlock the territory containing the War Factory, you need a Level 15 Radar - Please note: before you are able to unlock this territory, you first need to unlock a total of 93 other territories.
  • In battle she is a ranged attacker who uses a long-ranged electric zap to damage enemies.
  • Her Hero Perk is Robot Overlord, which causes her to spawn groups of critters every few seconds.
  • During a battle, she spawns 3 critters every few seconds. Once there are 12 on the map, she stops spawning further critters until at least one of them are destroyed. She resumes spawning Critters once the number of Critters fall below 12; in the cases when there are 10 or 11 Critters spawned, she will spawn enough to make 12 once again. Critters fired from the Gunboat or produced from Critter Swarm do not count towards this total.

Hero Abilities

Similar to Gunboat Weaponry, Hero Abilities can be used during battle at the cost of Gunboat energy. Your hero can only have one ability active in a battle. The ability can be fired more than once, but the energy cost increases each time. The following are the three abilities available to Cpt. Everspark. Click one to read more about it.

Critter Swarm
Explosive Charges
Universal Remote
Critter Swarm Explosive Charges Universal Remote

Offensive Strategy

  • The critters that the hero spawns can be useful for distracting single-target defenses like Boom Cannons as long as there are no splash defenses like Flamethrowers nearby.
  • As she has a longer range than Sgt. Brick, she is more compatible for Tank-based armies. Unlike Brick, she can comfortably stay behind Tanks which means she is less vulnerable to enemy fire.

Upgrade Differences

  • Each upgrade increases Cpt. Everspark's hitpoints by 6%, damage per second by 6%, and makes the Critter spawn rate faster by 0.1 second.


Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
Headquarters Level Required
HQ Icon
Hero Perk
Critters Spawned
Maximum Critters
Moderate / 270 Long / 10.5 Tiles 0.8s (1.0s between shots at the same target) 15 Robot Overlord 3 12
Damage per Shot
Critter Spawn Rate
Upgrade Cost
Upgrade Time
Headquarters Level Required
HQ Icon
1 1,500 360 288 5.5s N/A N/A N/A 15
2 1,590 382 305.6 5.4s 903,000 1d 3h 649 15
3 1,690 404 323.2 5.3s 1,124,000 1d 3h 710 16
4 1,790 429 343.2 5.2s 1,637,000 1d 3h 836 16
5 1,890 454 363.2 5.1s 2,140,000 1d 7h 985 17
6 2,010 482 385.6 5.0s 2,996,000 1d 10h 1,193 17
7 2,130 511 408.8 4.9s 3,680,000 1d 10h 1,330 18
8 2,260 541 432.8 4.8s 4,066,000 1d 10h 1,406 18
9 2,390 574 459.2 4.7s 4,880,000 1d 13h 1,580 19
10 2,530 608 486.4 4.6s 5,486,000 1d 15h 1,704 19
11 2,690 645 516 4.5s 5,920,000 1d 15h 1,781 20
12 2,850 683 546.4 4.4s 6,380,000 1d 17h 1,873 21
13 3,020 724 579.2 4.3s 6,840,000 1d 17h 1,949 22

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