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General Information

  • Blackguard bases are bases designed by Supercell that appear regularly in the Archipelago.
  • These bases give decent amounts of life, magma, and ice Power Stones (depending on the the island's terrain), Resources, and 1-2 Victory Points.
  • Each Blackguard base has its own setup of Defensive Buildings and, sometimes, some Support Buildings. Although, many of them do have Supply Buildings. These are good for easily replenishing Gunboat energy.
  • Each base has a specific layout, but the levels of defenses can vary.
    • This also affects that base's XP level.
    • Some variations of a base may even have Mines or Boom Mines while other variations do not.
  • As you defeat more and more Blackguard Bases, they get progressively harder. The more you beat, the harder new ones will be.

Second Victory Point

  • Blackguard Bases can award a second Victory Point when they are destroyed.
  • When you begin your game, there is a pool of 200 bonus Victory Points which you can get from Blackguard Bases.
  • The chance to win a second Victory Point is high when the pool of 200 Victory Points is full or near full.
  • The more Victory Points you get from this pool, the lower the chance gets. This results in frequently getting 2 Victory Points from a Blackguard Base early on in the game and less frequently as you run through your pool of 200.
  • When you have received all 200 of your bonus Victory Points, you can never get 2 Victory Points from a Blackguard Base again.

Instructions for Adding Bases

First, upload your screenshot of the base to this wiki by going to Special:Upload. Then, use the box below to create a new Blackguard Base page. From there, just follow the instructions shown in the editor to fill in the entry. If you do not know how or do not want to add your images to the pages, see this thread to share them.

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    • I remembered it having 2 or 3 underleved defences, but the rest of them were pretty high level stuff. I completed it carelessly losing 2 Zookas.

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