Brawl Stars



Base Statistics

Total Number of Buildings: 28

Total Energy Available from Buildings: 81

Total Energy Available from Non-defensive Buildings: 15

Destroying a building will reduce the HQ's health by: 2.593%


Recommended Army Composition: TMed with Everspark

Walkthrough: For low level players with limited gun boat energy. Use Cpt. Everspark's universal remote ability to hack the LHS boom cannon and shock launcher near the beach, other defenses would destroy these two structures. You don't want to use barrage/artillary for this because it would cost more energy. Make sure Everspark survives using smoke screens. Then flare and deploy all troops on the RHS of the beach (Make sure to flare because the flare you used while hacking is likely still on, deploying troops without another flare would cause them to move towards the last flare, instead of where you want them to go.) After you deployed the troops, immediately shock the two remaining boom cannons near the beach. You would need to destroy at least the one closer to you before they become active again. Afterwards, Everspark's critters should distract the second one long enough for you to destroy it. Then you need to go right and the remaining defenses should provide little challenges. You would need 48 GBE, excluding those needed to deploy tanks, during the deployment stage (hacking 2 times, 3 smokes and flares plus one shock)