Use this calculator to determine the most efficient combination of Artillery and Barrages to accomplish your bombardment goals in an attack.

Damage Needed: This mode takes the amount of damage that you wish to deal to your target building and determines the number of Artillery and Barrages that will deal atleast that much damage for the least possible amount of energy.
Energy Available: This mode takes the amount of energy that you have available and determines the combination of Artillery and Barrages that deals the most damage without requiring more energy than the amount available.

Barrage Effectiveness: Because of the Barrage's spread-out shots, not all of its 15 rockets may hit a given target. You may also intentionally fire a Barrage off to the side to hit another building. So, you may change the Barrage effectiveness with the last input. Generally, 14 out of 15 rockets (93.33%) will hit a 3x3 or 4x4 building if you aim at the center of it, and all 15 rockets will generally hit a 5x5 or larger building if you aim at the center of it.

If you have any suggestions to improve this calculator or would like to report a bug or data error, write a comment at the bottom of this page or post on the message wall of the calculator's creator.

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